About Us (EN)

“We are one” is the title of the song “We Are Troublemaker” and that’s what they really are – not only because of the exact interplay on stage but also behind the scenes, you can clearly see how much the four guys are from Weinfelden understand and hold together.

When We Are Troublemaker plays live on stage, it is hardly possible to stay in the chairs. Because the energy and the songs just grab everyone. They could prove this, even at several contests and concerts where they always went home with great feedback. “Covers? No, it does not work for us somehow, “says lead singer and bassist Davide Formica. “We’ve tried several times to cover songs from our favorite bands, but each time we fail. We prefer to play our own songs ». That’s a good thing, because the own songs arrive very well live.

We Are Troublemaker was founded in October 2014 by singer and bassist Davide Formica, guitarist Gabriele Muscaritolo and drummer Simon Bührer. However, Simon left the band in 2015 and the new drummer Tiago Monteiro found his way into the band. In 2016, the three boys met the guitarist Rami Msallam. Over the course of the year, the boys became more and more of a real band, the songwriting, the presence on stage as well as the relationship between the boys improved significantly.

In October 2018 the band went to the SoundValley Studio in Schaffhausen, where the four guys recorded their first EP together with producer David Bollinger. Overall, they recorded five songs. The album “Freedom” stands, as the name implies, for freedom. “To be free from the stress of everyday life and the constant pressure we have to withstand,” says Davide Formica who is, among other things, the main songwriter of the band. FREEDOM has been available on all digital platforms and on CD since February 8th.

In December 2019 Rami Msallam decided to leave the band for personal reasons. After such a successful year, this is not the news the other three members expected. However, it also gives the boys the opportunity to find themselves a new band.